Lifecycle Events

Our community comes together as a family to celebrate every life event, from the birth of a child or grandchild, to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, to celebrating at weddings, and to mourn the loss of a loved one and comfort the bereaved. Please reach out to Rabbi Joshua Franklin or Cantor Debra Stein, Rabbi at 631-324-9858.


Many couples decide to begin their lives together, exchanging vows as stars illuminate the sky or light streams through the windows into a sacred sanctuary designed by Norman Jaffe. Our chuppah (designed by artist Corrinne Soikin-Strauss) is available, or you can use your own. Our Rabbi and Cantor are happy to help you throughout the process whether you get married in our sanctuary or beyond our walls.

Baby Naming

The birth of a child is joyful not only for the immediate family but for our Jewish community, and the Jewish people. There are many ceremonies and traditions that we facilitate and celebrate.

Boys: When the baby is a boy, it is traditional to have a Brit Milah (Covenant of Circumcision) on the eight day (one week after the birth). The Mohel (a trained ritual circumciser) performs the surgical procedure, usually held at home, and the baby is given a Hebrew name.

Girls: When the baby is a girl, we traditionally hold a naming ceremony and blessing at the synagogue at a Shabbat service at a mutually convenient time for the family, rabbi and cantor. These ceremonies can also be held in the home.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvah literally mean β€œson or daughter of the commandment.”

Bat Mitzvah is Hebrew, while Bar Mitzvah, historically a much earlier ceremony, is Aramaic. A celebration, a tradition, at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons we joyously prepare young men and women for this important milestone and help families plan as well.

Memorial Services and Funerals

When a loved one passes, families and our community join together at the Jewish Center to remember, commemorate and celebrate life. We work closely with each family to customize the most appropriate and meaningful service.