Summer Institute 2019

Synagogues throughout the cities and the suburbs are preparing for a summer lull. The summer lacks a plethora of Jewish holidays (we save the holiday season for the Fall), and people tend to travel or send their kids to overnight camp. But we are not your typical synagogue While other synagogues empty out over the next few months, the Jewish Center of the Hamptons gears up for a season filled with Shabbat on the Beach, movies, classes, lectures, and Jewish culture. Here at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, we invite you to embrace Jewish life and living this summer season.

The Summer Institute has been a staple for Jewish living in the Hamptons for over two decades. You’ll find programming that will captivate you intellectually and spiritually, renowned personalities who offer the best wisdom and entertainment in their field, and a community that will not just share these experiences with you, but will embrace you with warmth.

Let the Jewish Center of the Hamptons be your community center, your center for prayer, learning, music, social action, Israel and spirituality. And let the Summer Institute enrich your summer in the Hamptons. Come, find your center, here!

-Rabbi Josh Franklin

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