Shavuot. A time when all of us stand together and receive the Ten Commandments. As in the mystical belief that we all stood together when the tablets were brought down the mountain by Moses. This year, we stand in our homes awaiting the moment when we can all stand together again.

Connection seems to be something we crave now. The ability to reach out to our fellow humans and touch them, and laugh with them and break bread with them. Our new reality asks us to invent new ways to be connected. We are Jews, we have been reinventing ourselves for thousands of years. We are resilient and we are community, wherever we may find ourselves during this pandemic.

We, the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, invite you to stand with us on Shavuot and once again listen to the Aseret HaDibrot, “The Ten Utterances,” the moment we were given Torah. We say Asher Bachar Banu…who has chosen us. Yes, we were chosen to accept Torah and to teach Torah to the world, by our actions, our humanity, and our belief in Tikkun Ha’Olam, repairing the World.

–Cantor/Rabbi Debra Stein


Thursday, May 28 | 7:30pm
Join Rabbi Josh Franklin and Temple Adas Israel’s Rabbi Dan Geffen for an evening of studying. Both Rabbis studied together at Hebrew Union College in New York, and are now joining to teach together for the first time. Don’t miss this exciting learning opportunity!

Shavuot Morning Service with Yizkor

Friday, May 29 | 10:00am
Shavuot Festival morning service Torah reading, The Ten Commandments
 and the Reaffirmation of our personal commitment to Torah
and recitation of Yizkor memorial prayers.