On-Line Curriculum

COVID-19 and the 2020-21 School Year: In response to COVID-19 and the resulting uncertainty about in-person events, we have a flexible dual-track program planned for 2020-21. We will meet in-person as much as is safe and practical, and on-line with a newly developed curriculum designed to leverage the unique advantages of remote learning. For details, reach out to our director, Dr. Joel M. Hoffman.

Because the on-line experience is fundamentally different than in-person interactions, Gates of Jewish Learning has adopted a completely new curriculum for its on-line component, with increased emphasis on Israel, Hebrew, and world Jewry, in addition to the program’s other curricular elements (Jewish vocabulary, holidays, Bible stories, Jewish identity, and ethics).

The Israel aspect brings the students virtually to Israel. There they interact with Israelis (in Hebrew that they learn in the program) and visit both ancient and modern sites.

The world Jewry aspect introduces the students to Jews in other countries. They share experiences, and compare and contrast ritual and other practices.

The Hebrew aspect, supported by additional on-line activities, covers both ritual Hebrew (from the Bible and the prayers, for instance) and the modern language.

These three work in tandem, variously reinforcing each other, and combining to create a compelling sense of belonging to the Jewish People.

Reach out to the program director, Dr. Joel M. Hoffman, by e-mail or phone (631-324-9858) with any questions.

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