Gates of Jewish Learning

The world stands on three things; on Torah study, on prayer, and on acts of loving kindness.

– Pirkei Avot 1:2

Education in East Hampton

Our Gates of Jewish Learning at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons focuses on family engagement and on cultivating personal relationships. Our students meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am to 12:15 pm. The curriculum focuses on learning about the Jewish tradition/history, Holidays, Hebrew and Prayer. We encourage every student to learn at his or her own unique pace. To this end, the Hebrew learning program is self-paced – each student progresses as they grasp the sacred language. A variety of experiential modalities are drawn upon. Art, music, movement and song are used when learning about holidays and prayers. To round out the curriculum, the Gates of Jewish Learning program has a strong Social Action component, directly applying the Jewish values learned in class with our role in the surrounding community.

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Gates of Jewish Learning in New York City

Gates of Jewish Learning in New York City is a Religious School for families who call the Jewish Center of the Hamptons their spiritual home, yet live in Manhattan. We meet throughout the year tracking the same curriculum as the Gates of Jewish Learning in East Hampton. We supplement our program with private tutors who are in New York City, working with our children individually and in small groups. This “school without walls” enables our members’ children to be tutored individually by our approved tutors, and come together to create community, learn and celebrate Judaism.

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“The first class at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons was held in the synagogue sanctuary. We arrived that morning to find that all of the Torahs had been taken out of the ark and spread open so that the children could see with their own eyes the actual teaching of Torah that they were about to embark upon in the pursuit of their Jewish education. Regardless of the child’s age, it was a very moving experience and a powerful memory was made that day.  As each  child picked up the Yad to follow the word of G-d, so too did they began their exploration of Jewish learning.  The children were all curious, they asked questions and they felt comfortable in the sanctuary.  A space that often times is reserved in our adult minds as being for quiet reflection and prayer, was now a space that our children could enter with ease and confidence to learn, question and explore.  And as they danced with the Torahs in their arms and music filled the sanctuary, so began our first year of Hebrew School at the JCOH.”

—Parent of first-grader enrolled in Gates of Jewish Learning

“I think the greatest component of education that the JCOH offers our children is the ability to teach through experience.  Concepts are explored by actually practicing the teachings.   A class held at the Amber Waves Farm where the children collected food from the fields to put together baskets of fresh produce for donation to the Retreat, a shelter for battered women, taught them the Jewish law of gleaning.  In this act, our children learned the teachings of Torah, where we are commanded to leave gleanings in the field for the poor to gather.  A beautiful morning spent at a farm where children were able to give to others whilst being outside with their friends taught them a very important message of giving.  And that it was learned via action and deed is far more powerful than the confines of a classroom.  A very important value and tenet of Jewish life was forged inside of their hearts and minds. “

—Parent of first-grader enrolled in Gates of Jewish Learning