Thursday Night Authors Studio

The JCOH Authors Studio is graciously underwritten by:
Lizzy & Jonathan Tisch
Paul Brennan

John Leland

THURSDAY, JULY 5 | 7:00pm

A New York Times Bestseller, Happiness Is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old is an enduring collection of lessons that emphasizes the extraordinary influence we wield over the quality of our lives. With humility, heart, and wit, Leland has crafted a sophisticated reflection on how to “live better”—informed by those who have mastered the art. An extraordinary look at what it means to grow old and a heartening guide to well-being, Happiness Is a Choice You Make weaves together the wisdom of six New Yorkers who number among the “oldest old”— those eighty-five and up.

alan zweibel

THURSDAY, JULY 12 | 7:00pm

If you’ve ever suffered through a Seder, you’re well aware of the fact that the entire evening can last as long as the Exodus from Egypt itself. There are countless stories, dozens of blessings, and far too many handwashings while the meal turns cold. With the hilarious parody Haggadah For This We Left Egypt?, good Jews everywhere will no longer have to sit (and sleep) through a lengthy and boring Seder. So gather all the Jews in your life (even the few who don’t appear to be long-suffering) and settle in for a fun way to pass the time while waiting for Elijah to show up.

amy chozick

THURSDAY, JULY 19 | 7:00pm

For a decade, award-winning New York Times journalist Amy Chozick chronicled Hillary Clinton’s pursuit of the presidency. Chozick’s front-row seat, initially covering Clinton’s imploding 2008 campaign, and then her assignment to “The Hillary Beat” ahead of the 2016 election, took her to 48 states and set off a nearly ten-years-long journey in which the formative years of her twenties and thirties became – both personally and professionally – intrinsically intertwined to Clinton’s presidential ambitions.

abigail pogrebin

THURSDAY, JULY 26 | 7:00pm

My Jewish Year travels through this calendar’s signposts with candor, humor, and a trove of information, capturing the arc of Jewish observance through the eyes of a relatable, wandering and wondering Jew. The chapters are interspersed with brief reflections from prominent rabbis and Jewish thinkers. Maybe you’re seeking an accessible, digestible roadmap for Jewish life. Maybe you’d appreciate a fresh exploration of what you’ve mastered. Whatever your motivation, you’ll be educated, entertained, and inspired by Pogrebin’s unusual journey―and by My Jewish Year.

Jonathan weisman


In (((Semitism))), Weisman explores the disconnect between his own sense of Jewish identity and the expectations of his detractors and supporters. He delves into the rise of the Alt-Right, their roots in older anti-Semitic organizations, the odd ancientness of their grievances—cloaked as they are in contemporary, techy hipsterism—and their aims—to spread hate in a palatable way through a political structure that has so suddenly become tolerant of their views.

Joy behar


Structured as an A-Z guide, Joy Behar, joined by New York Times bestselling humor author Larry Amoros, offers much-needed doses of levity and humor for everyone determined to #resist. With a major network television profile and a social media audience in the millions, this fearlessly confident star has a powerful platform to entertain Americans of all stripes.

kate siegel

THURSDAY, AUGUST 16 | 7:00pm

No one understands the delicate mother-daughter dynamic better than Kate Siegel—her own mother drove her so crazy that she decided to broadcast their hilarious conversations on Instagram. Soon, hundreds of thousands of people were following their daily text exchanges, eager to see what outrageous thing Kate’s mom would do next. Based on the wildly popular Instagram account @CrazyJewishMom, Kate Siegel’s essay collection, Mother, Can You NOT?, pays tribute to the woman who invented the concept of drone parenting.

a.j. jacobs

THURSDAY, AUGUST 30 | 7:00pm

New York Times bestselling author of The Know-It-All and The Year of Living Biblically, A.J. Jacobs undergoes a hilarious, heartfelt quest to understand what constitutes family—where it begins and how far it goes—and attempts to untangle the true meaning of the “Family of Humankind.” A.J. Jacobs has received some strange emails over the years, but this note was perhaps the strangest: “You don’t know me, but I’m your eighth cousin. And we have over 80,000 relatives of yours in our database.” Who are these people, A.J. wondered, and how do I find them? So began Jacobs’s three-year adventure to help build the biggest family tree in history…