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Jewish Center of the Hamptons Celebrates Pride Month | Dan’s Papers
Jewish Center of the Hamptons (JCOH) has always been a welcoming and inclusive place to practice Judaism, and this month is celebrating Pride in a variety of ways that show that though there is still room for progress, much has indeed been made. The first sign that times are changing for the better? Look out for the rainbow flag waving outside the Center in East Hampton.
Drive-In Shabbat’ Arrives In East Hampton | The Independent
The Jewish Center of the Hamptons in East Hampton held its first “Drive-In Shabbat” at Main Beach in the village. Social distancing policies in place due to COVID-19 have made it nearly impossible for the Jewish Center to hold its popular Shabbat on the Beach services, so organization leaders came up with a new plan to still have service and go to the beach.
Drive-in’ Shabbat Comes To East Hampton | The Independent
Drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback thanks to the novel coronavirus, but it is doubtful anyone has attended a drive-in for a Shabbat service before. That will all change Friday, May 29.
Jewish Center of the Hamptons’ Pop-Up Chanukah Lights East Hampton | Dan’s Papers
The holiday season is filled, quite literally, with light. For Chanukah, light has a very specific ceremonial purpose, but also means something quite significant beyond its religious purpose. Rabbi Josh Franklin of the Jewish Center of the Hamptons has used the light of Chanukah as the driving force behind a new, community-wide series of events that he hopes will make the holidays brighter for everyone on the East End.
When Sand And Prayers Meet At The Beach | 27east
On Friday nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Jewish Center of the Hamptons has been holding Shabbat services at Main Beach in East Hampton. Filled with songs and children’s activities, and honoring the beginning of Shabbat — which is the day of rest in Judaism — the services are meant to foster a “fusing of Judaism and the Hamptons most beautiful natural sanctuary,” said Rabbi Josh Franklin.
Rabbi Josh Franklin Talks the Next Generation of Judaism | Dan’s Papers
The Jewish Center of the Hamptons (JCOH) in East Hampton is, as Rabbi Josh Franklin calls it, “post-denominational.” Rather than shoehorn themselves into labels like Reform, Conservative or Orthodox, the JCOH promotes inclusivity among the Jewish community and hopes that everyone will feel comfortable and find a place there. For Franklin, community is a vital part of being Jewish.
Jewish Center Summer Luncheon | The Independent
On Friday, July 12, the Jewish Center of the Hamptons in East Hampton held its annual Summer Luncheon at Moby’s Restaurant at East Hampton Point. This year’s honoree was Harry Katz, now serving his second term as president of the JCOH Board of Trustees. Guest speaker was New York Times correspondent Margot Sanger-Katz, who explained the possible future directions of health care insurance in the United States.
Dr. Izhak Kehat Will Discuss The Concept Of Gene Modification To Prevent Heart Attacks | 27east
Dr. Kehat will be at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons in East Hampton to talk about modifying genes and remodeling hearts to reduce fatal heart attacks — the leading cause of death worldwide. He will also share insights about medical achievements in Israel.
Anti-Semitism Is Alive | The East Hampton Star
The state of affairs in 2019 is not the same as it was in 2009, and the world seems scarier for Jews now than it has in my lifetime. The same annual Anti-Defamation League report that had once related drops in anti-Semitism reported a 60-percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents from 2016 to 2017. And so, I worry.
Jewish Center of the Hamptons Hosts Community Mitzvah Day | Dan’s Papers
Bringing people together to build a community through such acts of caring and compassion are at the core of the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, especially for their 11th annual Mitzvah Day.
Watch ‘Who Will Write Our History’ on Holocaust Remembrance Day | Dan’s Papers
Jewish Center of the Hamptons will present a screening of the film on Holocaust Remembrance Day this Sunday, April 28 in East Hampton (44 Woods Lane).
Jewish Center Of The Hamptons Commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day With Award Winning Documentary | 27east
On Sunday, April 28, the Jewish Center of the Hamptons in East Hampton will observe Yom HaShoah to honor not only the millions lost, but also call attention to the bravery and strength of those who survived.
Why Everyone Loves Passover by Rabbi Josh Franklin | The East Hampton Star
Of all Jewish holidays, Passover is perhaps the most celebrated among American Jews. More Jews attend a Passover Seder each year than fast on Yom Kippur, the most holy day of the Jewish calendar.
The most iconic sites in the Hamptons | Curbed Hamptons
The sanctuary, Shaarey Pardes (Gates of the Grove), is considered architect Norman Jaffe’s masterwork. It is immersed in symbolism. Architecture critic Paul Goldberger once called it “a building that is at once a gentle tent and a powerful monument, at once a civic presence that celebrates community and a place of quiet meditation that honors solitude.”
Kids Purim Party at The Clubhouse in East Hampton | Dan’s Papers
The Jewish Center of the Hamptons hosted a Purim party for kids of all ages at The Clubhouse in East Hampton on Sunday, March 17, 2019. Families had a blast at the Purim celebration, which included brunch, bowling, goodie bags for the kids and a costume contest.
Vigil Focuses on Unity as Huge Crowd Mourns Loss of Life in Pittsburgh | The Sag Harbor Express
On Buell Lane in East Hampton, cars were parked all the way to the lights on both ends. A series of state troopers, in full police regalia and wide beige hats, greeted people at the white gates marking the entrance to the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, while a suited usher guarded the front door and checked bags, presumably for firearms.
At Candlelight Vigil On Thursday, Show Of Strength And Unity Is Called The Best Response To Violence | 27east
The multi-denominational vigil held at Rabbi Franklin’s East Hampton synagogue drew a crowd of at least 500, beyond standing room only. The night was a show of unity and support for the Jewish community, even as those gathered mourned the 11 men and women gunned down at Shabbat services at the Tree of Life Synagogue in suburban Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 27.
Overflow Crowd at Vigil for Pittsburgh Victims | The East Hampton Star
A crowd estimated at over 600, representing leaders and congregants of just about every synagogue and church on the South Fork, filled the Jewish Center of the Hamptons Thursday night for a vigil memorializing the 11 victims of last week’s massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.
South Fork Jewish Community to Haters: “You Are Not The New Normal” | East End Beacon
More than 600 people filled the pews and overflowed into a basement meeting room for an interfaith vigil hosted by the Jewish Center of the Hamptons Thursday evening, honoring the 11 people murdered and the six police officers injured last weekend in the worst antisemitic attack in U.S. history.
Community Holds Vigil For Shooting Victims | The Independent
The Jewish Center of the Hamptons on Woods Lane was packed on the evening of Thursday, November 1, with people of every faith, age, color, and political affiliation, brought together by the horrendous killing of 11 people in Pittsburgh, PA at The Tree of Life synagogue.
A Tale of Two Series | The East Hampton Star
Albeit just one of the captivating and informative events the JCOH hosts, the Authors Studio is perhaps one of the highlights. With John Leland heading the charge on July 5th, and the promise of a great conclusion by A.J. Jacobs in August, the Authors Studio situates Jewish authorship and perspective within a contemporary context.
More Than Tradition | The Independent
Rabbi Joshua Franklin’s arrival at JCOH held the promise of not just a fresh face in the clergy, but also the reinterpretation of some rituals that had lost their luster. Passover, one of the pivotal moments in the history of the Jewish people, means a great deal to JCOH, so Rabbi Franklin put his magnanimity to use in creating a wonderful community experience commemorating our Exodus from the desert.
Chanukah Fair | The Independent
The JCOH’s work is never done, and even past the summer season its clergy work to bring Judaism into the congregation’s lives. Among the many ways to celebrate Chanukah is the JCOH’s Chanukah Fair, which fills the Temple’s social hall with songs, crafts, and other holiday delicacies.
New Rabbi Celebrates a New Year | The East Hampton Star
A hub of Jewish activity in the East End, the JCOH is fortunate to have Rabbi Joshua Franklin at its helm. Not only is Rabbi Franklin a generous community leader, but he is also well-acquainted with Jewish tradition, scholarship, and ways to use his skills to enhance JCOH’s community.
Photos: Rabbi Celebrated At Jewish Center Of The Hamptons | Patch
In keeping with JCOH’s longevity and long-time presence in the East Hampton Jewish community, Rabbi Sheldon’s Zimmerman retirement represents not just ten years of great contribution and scholarship, but also an exciting shift in JCOH’s clergy. Lauded for his wisdom, compassion, faith, and other exemplary leadership characteristics, Rabbi Zimmerman has left our community with not just remembrance, but also the tools for further spiritual advancement.
The Hamptons hot spot you have to be dead to get into | New York Post
The JCOH has its finger on the pulse of Jewish activity in the Hamptons in more ways than one. An organization that welcomes those in search of community and spiritual guidance, its congregants have come to value JCOH enough to make such a lasting commitment.
The Jewish Hamptons | Jerusalem Post
While each beach town on the South Fork has its own Jewish and community organizations, the Jerusalem Post makes special mention of East Hampton’s JCOH. Boasting a magnificent sanctuary, a host of events and lectures, world-renowned scholars in residence, and a prime location near Main Beach, JCOH takes Jewish community to a new and meaningful level.
The Jewish Center of the Hamptons turns 50 | 27east
Given JCOH’s integrated contributions to East Hampton’s Jewish community, it is easy to focus only on recent events and achievements. The Center’s impact, however, dates back to 1960s, citing a history of growth and development that is inextricably intertwined with the solidification of the town’s own infrastructure and demographics.
Stem Cell Panel at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons | New York Stem Cell Foundation
The JCOH acts not just as a Temple and place of spiritual guidance, but as a valuable community forum that fosters charity and innovation. The host to panels such as NYSCF, the JCOH is proud of its contribution to the advancement of this medical frontier.
Photos: Jewish Center of the Hamptons Annual Summer Luncheon | Patch
Honoring Rabbi Emeritus Sheldon Zimmerman in 2015, albeit always in reverence of a worthy cause, the JCOH held its Annual Summer Luncheon at East Hampton Point. A fixture in the community, the Jewish Center’s extensive Summer Institute programming allows the clergy to keep their finger on the pulse of the congregation.
Jewish Life, Hamptons Style | New York Jewish Life
The JCOH is known in the Hamptons for many defining attributes, including its magnificent Alaskan pine sanctuary, the size of its congregation, its hands-on education, and its Summer Institute events. Notably, the Ken Bialkin Panel features distinguished experts in fields including but not limited to finance, business, and Israeli-Palestinian affairs, which provides valuable insight into the current context of Judaism.