Shabbat Services

Fridays - Shabbat Evening Service at 6:30pm
                In the Main Sanctuary


Saturdays - Shabbat Morning Service at 10:00am
                    Followed by Kiddush and then Torah Study.

If you would like to sponsor Friday night Oneg or Saturday morning Kiddush or a Rebbe's Tisch, please contact the Jewish Center office at 631-324-9858 or

   Shabbat is a holy day of rest, joy, and rejuvenation of body and spirit. In the two renditions of the Ten Commandments we are told to both “observe” and “remember” Shabbat. It is a day focusing on family, community, worship, spirituality, celebratory meals, study, and a respite from the mundane. As a weekly occurrence it is viewed not as routine but as a special and holy day each and every week. Shabbat is not created simply by a cessation from work. It needs to be actively shaped through what we do to make it a holy and joyous day. Reform Judaism allows some autonomy and creativity in its observance, but like the other streams within Judaism, Reform Jews emphasize Shabbat’s centrality to Jewish life. Shabbat enables us to open up to the awe and wonder of life, the creativity manifest in the universe and the blessing of every child of God.

   Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday with the kindling of candles. It concludes with the appearance of three stars in the sky and the recitation of Havdalah (a ceremony of separation) on Saturday night. Shabbat has been a major force in the survival and vitality of the Jewish people throughout history.


   The Jewish Center of the Hamptons welcomes in the Sabbath with a brief Kabbalat service on Friday nights. Mostly sung, this service warms your soul and prepares you for the weekend that lies ahead of you.


   Shabbat morning --wakes you up--and brings you true Shabbat joy as we sing and dance and rejoice in prayer and Torah. Following services and Kiddush, a study group of energized and enthusiastic adults is held.
In Celebration of Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman at 9:30am Shabbat Services followed by Kiddush luncheon
5/27/2017 9:30 AM

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