Message from the Rabbi

Welcome to the website of the Jewish Center of the Hamptons. 

   We are a center of Jewish life, culture, faith and history on the East End of Long Island.  We are an inclusive congregation motivated by the ancient imperative of our faith and our people to become a dominion of priests and a holy people.  In everything that we do and care about we respect each and every person who joins us on our part of the Jewish journey.  We take as a basic truth that each of us is deserving of respect as a child of the Holy One created in the divine image.  We treasure each person’s ability to contribute their time, skill and soulfulness to help create a community of thoughtful, caring and creative Jews on this far end of the island.  With our feet planted firmly in the tradition, faith and history of our people, we embrace the possibilities for a creative, meaningful and engaging future for the Jewish people, faith and tradition in the modern world.  Social justice, soulful prayer, the melody of life and its joys and the serious study of Torah in its broadest sense are the centerpieces of our vision and hope. 


Join us for the journey of a lifetime in a community that cares.
--Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman
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